5 Sexiest Cricketers Alive

To say that cricket is a rage in India would be an understatement. Indians love their cricket and theylove their cricketers. And it is a general view that more attractive cricketers are more popular. Even the fairer sex, who is hardly interested in cricket, would vouch for that. And with women’s cricket in India also gaining relevance, there is something for either sex in the audiences:

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

Title #20

Yeah, that’s the first name you thought of and thus that’s the first name you see here. Long or short hair, MS Dhoniis never short of the oomph factor. There
are rare occasions you see this captivating cool cucumber animated on the field, but when you do, he looks every bit of Bond in his swagger.

2. Virat Kohli

Title #21
He is the youngest heartthrob on the cricket field. Reportedly, he is in contention for taking over captaincy from Dhoni, but that’s not the only spot
Dhoni might lose to him. The man has got looks, his demeanor drips of flamboyance and he has a hot temper to go with that.

3. Alistair Cook

Title #22
There is not a more charming cricketer in the world at this date. One look at the man and you might mistake him for a Hollywood star of the caped crusader
kind of movies. He is tall, he is well-built and he has got a face that has melted every girl’s heart (well, almost). The English captain is not often seen shirtless - sending his female fans in a tizzy isn’t his agenda for now.

4. Navjot Singh Sidhu

Title #23
Alright, he retired from cricket close to 15 years back. So what? Have you seen a more immaculate cricketer with a dressing sense as good as his? His
matching the color of his neck tie with his turban has been extensively discussed. What makes him stand apart is his ease with the language. He maws off proverbs and metaphors faster than you can shoot a camel.

5. Rosalie Birch

Title #23
This hottie is an off spinner and lower middle order batsman for England. She has been making heads turn, both with her antics on the field and her charm off
the field. For cricket-crazy men, she has given one more reason to tune intowomen’s cricket. With such a degree of flamboyance and style in cricket, it’s no wonder that huge advertising brands consider cricketers as good as movie stars to model for their products.

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