5 Smart Ways To Improve Your Vocabulary

Do you use ‘you know’ and ‘I mean’ far too many times while putting across a point? Is everything for you either ‘great’ or ’bad’? Then you most definitely need to update yourself with more words.
You need a richer vocabulary in your arsenal so that there are no fumbles while you speak, no searching for words, and certainly no errors! Good vocabulary means better communication skills, which would help you in just about every sphere of your life. So how do you improve your vocabulary? Read on for 5 smart and easy ways:

1. Read


There is not a better way to improve your vocabulary than by reading. It is a fallacy that you accomplish your reading by reading newspapers. Newspapers have usually same set of words, and they want to make sure that the news they publish is understood by everyone. You need to read material that throws at you new words and phrases. Read books by the best authors where you can learn from characters communicating with each other.

2. Be a Good Listener


You might be in a group or having a one-on-one conversation with someone. Irrespective of whether the conversation is about you, for you or neither of these, listen to the speaker. Pick up the new words they might be using. You will encounter people with the worst possible vocabulary. Listening to them can be a learning experience as you can avoid the mistakes they are committing.

3. Write Down the New Words You Read or Hear


Now that you have been carefully listening to people and getting your hands on the best literature available, it would serve you well if you write down all the new words you come across. That way, you won’t have to scratch your head to recall a word you heard someone using, or scramble between the pages of your book.

4. Find Synonyms of Words you Use too Often


You will often find yourself using the same word over and over again. It would serve you well if you find its synonym. It may either fit into your sentence seamlessly, or require you to change your sentence, which would help you further with the language.

5. Start Using the New Words You Have Learned


You must have learned quite a number of words on your course to improving your vocabulary. Now use them as much as you can so that they seep in naturally in yourwriting and speech.
In today’s world, it is extremely important to possess impeccable communication skills. Whether it is the professional sphere or the personal domain, an enriched vocabulary can earn you many benefits and much success in life. So, keep the doors to learning open!

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