Coolest iPhone Accessories


Let’s face it; iPhone is arguably the most amazing looking smartphone around. The finesse and suave it packs in itself still makes its competitors whimper in pain.
Let’s have a look at all the accessories you can club with it to make it more awesome than it already is!

1. iPhone Motorbike Pack

It has been a geek's dream to wear something cool and chunky around the wrist and be able to touch it, talk into it, and just flash it around. The iPhone Motorbike Pack does just that. All you need to do is put your iPhone inside the pack, and it allows you to operate it through the layer of plastic with ease. Now riding a bike and using your cell is classy as hell!

2. Black Ops Throat Mic iPhone Headset

Tom Clancy and every other Black Op game fan rejoice! The Black Ops Throat Mic iPhone Headset allows a user to wear this around his neck and converse with the caller with ease. The headset operates on the basis of registering your vocal cords and transferring them to the caller. This offers seamless voice transfers and you can whisper and still be heard clearly on the other end and the person you’re speaking to hears no outside sound, only your voice. Time to wear your spy-gear and nose around snoopingly.

3. SoundClip iPhone Audio Booster

A very handy accessory, as the name suggests, the SoundClip iPhone Audio Booster works on the technology of simple acoustics and throws the sound from the back speaker straight to the holder in a crispier, louder and clearer manner. This is perfect for a quick video/sound-clip experience in a crowded place, and avoids a user cupping his hands behind the cell!

4. Scosche flipSYNK USB 2.0 Cable for iPod and iPhone

An accessory from heaven, the Scosche flipSYNK USB 2.0 Cable for iPod and iPhone is definitely a must-have for every iPhone and iPod user. The FlipSYNK is perfect for use in dire-situations when you're hunting for a charging source or want to connect your phone instantaneously to any desktop. A handy accessory, this one should definitely be on your shopping list!

5. Soulra XL

We've seen hordes of portable speakers doing their trick time and again, but this one takes the cake for packing a mean punch. The Soulra XL comes equipped with a massive solar panel that charges the speaker's in-built battery and can juice up the whole battery in 5 hours under perfect sunlight! Steeply priced at $300, this one's still a steal nonetheless. We hope to see some more cheaper variants in the future though!

6. iFlash External Flash For iPhone

We've all cribbed about the poor performance of the iPhone's disheartening flash, and hoped for a better alternative, and the iFlash External Flash For iPhone does just that! Simply attach the iFlash to your iPhone 3G or iPod and you have instant access to an efficient flash to help illuminate most poorly lit areas. It can even attach to your iPad to provide great back-lighting. Simply brilliant!

7. Dual SIM Card

Before you gawk, yes, it's real and it isn't some geeky prank played by the manufacturers. You can now club your two SIMs together and seamlessly swap from one to another without any hassle. Perfect for travellers who want to switch between users and datapacks, it is definitely handy, and a boon for the ones who are not keen on fidgeting with insertion and removal.

8. Wrap™ 310XL

One look at it and you know there is something special with this accessory. The Wraop 310 XL displays both standard 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios and plays standard 2D and side-by-side format 3D movies. With the advent of Wrap 310XL, the future of virtual reality is here to stay.

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