5 Adventurous Things to do with Your Girlfriend

Bored of routine? Bored of going for similar dates week after week? If yes, you are suffering from date fatigue. Every once in a while a couple has to break free from their usual date routine and do something they’ve never done before. This bout of newness will bring freshness to the relationship and add a zing to your chemistry. Here are a few adventurous things you can do together as a couple.

1. Go away for a ‘natural’ adventure

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Go away for the weekend and engage in adventure sports. Be it hiking, camping, river rafting or anything that you can find to do at a hill station/town near your city. Getting adventurous will lift your spirits and get your adrenaline going. So take it up and get away from the routine.

2. Experiment

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Boring in the bedroom can seriously dampen your mood/feelings. Try new positions, new places, and quickies – something / anything that you’ve not done before. There is nothing like great sex to bring you two closer. Lose those inhibitions and turn the heat on!

3. Impulsive!

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For a change, do not plan dates. Be impulsive. Start by meeting for a coffee or movie and then allow the mood to take over. Go with the flow. If you feel like it and if schedules permit simply take off for a short trip or visit the Ajanta caves. Be open to ANYTHING. Let your whims take centre stage this time.

4. Visit a ‘Bhoot bangla’

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This definitely sounds child-like but it could be fun. Every city has its share of folklore and abandoned houses/premises. Visit one such place one night and unleash your inner ghost hunter. The creepiness of the place, the fear, the anxiety – this promises to be one hell of a date after all!

5. Spy on someone

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We all have that one person in our life who is mysterious and always leaves us wondering what he/she is up to and actually all about. If you know someone like that, spy on them. Yes, you heard us right, SPY on them.
Doing some detective work of your own and donning a Sherlock cap will make you feel all important and will add a great amount of curiosity to your life. Do not toe the line and invade that person’s privacy. Keep it simple and keep it fun. Doing one or all of these things is sure to break your date routine and infuse your dating life with adventure and spice. 

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