10 Great Apps for Moms


While it is not always possible to lend a hand to your partner, with respect to the household chores,
you can always use the aid of technology to contribute. Guide her toward these wonderful apps, or better still, download them for her, to ensure smoother functioning of your home.

Apps for iPhone

1. Grocery IQ
With your hectic schedules and the need to run the household like clockwork, at the same time, what could be easier than an app that allows her to scan grocery lists, select and add items to it, browse aisles that she can customize, and do much more?
2. Child Page
A boon to working moms, Child Page is an app your wife sure is going to love. She can use it to record some of the most special moments of your kids’ life, and create milestones. What’s more, the app also allows her to instantly upload images on Facebook or send them to friends and family via email.
3. Total Baby
While the lists at work increase, ask her to add one more – her all-in-one tool to keep track of all the requirements of your baby. Changing diapers, doctor’s visits and vaccination schedules can all be easily listed, as the mother of a young baby tries to balance work and motherhood.

Apps for Android

4. Cozi Family Organizer
Any working mom will love this app. So, download this for your partner so she can manage the schedule of the entire family with a click. To-do lists, shopping lists, calendars, appointments and more are possible through this app.
5. Recipe Search
For the woman who does not have the opportunity to spend long hours mulling over various possible recipes for the next meal, this would be a great app to use. Once she enters the names of the items in the fridge, the app throws back all possible recipes that can be cooked with them.
6. Jorte
A huge time-saver for the woman who has to balance life between work, home and kids, Jorte allows her to customize the interface using her favourite colours, and make organizing a more enjoyable experience.

Other Platforms

7. Net Nanny
For the ever-reluctant parent who cannot monitor her child’s actions on the Internet, Net Nanny is a boon. She can set limits to the online usage of your child, and protect them from exposure to pornography, violence, and other cyber threats.
8. Manilla
Busy working moms or homemakers will find this app very useful. It is an organizer that aids in sorting out household bills such as those of credit cards, telephone, electricity and various subscriptions. It can be her very own balance sheet for the month, customized to suit her convenience.
9. Emeals
This site offers various meal plans and makes much easier the lives of all those moms who juggle between work and home. The range of menu varies from regular daily meals to diet plans to budget-plans.
10 Potty Training
For the mom who does not have time to potty train her baby, now there is an app that can do it. Whether on iPhone or Andriod, a variety of apps such as Potty Stats, My Potty Chart and It’s Potty Time can make the lives of working mothers really simply.
Using technology never made more sense. When it can be put to use to help the woman in your house manage things more efficiently, exploring various apps to help her do so becomes a good idea.

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