What to Get Your Girlfriend on Her Birthday?

Let’s face it - men have been born with the tendency to forget their girlfriend’s birthdays.  So even if she lets him get away with not noticing new haircuts, or new clothes; she would definitely throw him down the Empire State Building if he forgets her birthday! This guide will thus stand as a ‘go-to’ to aid lost souls who are wondering what to get their girlfriend on her birthday

1. Jewellery

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If the girlfriend is the high maintenance type (please spot them early to maintain sanity, thanks!) the gift of jewellery will get him in her good graces permanently.
Mind it, anything won’t do. Women like their jewellery to be personalized, and want men to put in a lot of thought into them. So one can buy her a dainty bracelet, or an inexpensive but classy pendant, or even a ring if they’re willing to pop the question (seriously what better way to surprise her than this?)

2. Clothes

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This is the safest option for all types of girls. Girls love clothes. One can get her a nice t-shirt with a cute print on it, or a sweatshirt, if she’s a sports buff.
Feeling adventurous? Getting her some sexy lingerie for her birthday will also do the trick. Its win-win for both! But one should keep in mind, that buying clothing without knowing her sizes might get one into deeper trouble. That is why one should be absolutely sure before buying clothes for her.

3. Weekend Getaway

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Although slightly upscale on the economic front, a getaway to some place will provide some quality time together. It doesn’t have to be an expensive overseas trip; some place quiet will work well too. Food. Room Service. Togetherness. Heaven, is it not?

4. Books

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If one’s girlfriend happens to be the bookish type, giving her a great book to read will make her the happiest. Make sure one knows the type of books the girlfriend is interested in and the kind of authors she likes. The best gift ever, would be to give her a book she has been pining for or something of collector’s value.

5. Technology

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If the girlfriend is a tech-freak, giving her the latest gadget might be the best decision of one’s life. If the girlfriend is a gaming freak (you lucky dog, you!) one could gift an Xbox or a PlayStation and spend the rest of the day playing games. Bliss!

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