10 Things Every Indian Man Desires

Indian men have certainly come of age in the last 20 years or so and there is no stopping them. If you’ve ever wondered what the Indian man is made of, we’ve put together a list. Here are 10 things every Indian man desires.

1. Designation

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Indian men have become very ambitious. They are no longer content with a standard behind the scenes job. They are highly competitive and will
work their way up to the top.Designations are important to them. It is a measure of what they have achieved, and a tag that earns them respect.

2. Money

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Of course with all the hard work comes the big pay. Indian men don’t just want to get buy. They have become big
spenders. They will fight to pick up the tab at dinner. Buying gifts and expensive clothes is just another day in the life of this new Indian man.

3. Fame

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Let’s face it; everybody likes that little share of recognition. He may not be a movie star, but at the office or in his social circle, the Indian man wants to
turn heads whenever he makes an entrance. He will invest in himself, join the gym, wear snazzy clothes and smell good. Acknowledgement of his stature is a must.

4. Women

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There is a reason why women and wife are two separate items on the list. These men are no longer in a hurry to settle down. They have started to enjoy playing the field, date a few women,
have their share of fun and hopefully find true love through the wild times or better yet, let mummy pick a bride for him when he is ready to settle down.

5. Wife

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The Indian man wants an “Indian” wife - someone who looks beautiful, intelligent and will create a nurturing environment for the family. Not
necessarily a requirement to stay at home, a lot of Indian men are encouraging their wives to take up challenging careers and build their own sense of fulfilment.

6. Kids

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Children are an important aspect of the Indian man’s life. All of his achievements and success will come to nought if he cannot spoil his kids,
watch them grow and cater to their every need. He wants to pass on his genes and when he is much older, sit back and feel proud of his kids own achievements.

7. Cars

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The wheels are very important. Whether it’s a small one or a massive SUV, the Indian man must own a car. It is a symbol of success and standing in society.

8. Holidays

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The Indian man has started to travel and loves it. He will save aside a certain amount of money each year just so
he can jet off with his mates or family to an exotic holiday around the world. This has become an integral part of lifestyle design

9. Social Circle

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After a long day’s work, the Indian man no longer wants to eat dinner, watch TV and go to bed. He’s off to meet his buddies at a pub and have
few drinks, bitch about life and have a few laughs. The social circle is a must have on the list.

10. Retirement Home

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Eventually, after all the hard work and living it up is done, the Indian man wants a little piece of paradise he can call home. Property investments are
veering away from standard apartments to designer homes. If he can afford it, he might even buy a little holiday home away from the city. The Indian man has changed for the better, and his list of desires is continually growing.

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