Top 5 Bollywood Actors with the Best Bodies

There is no dearth of actors with bodies worth lusting after in Bollywood. Then there are those who are considered the heartthrobs when it comes to having dream physiques. Here are our top 5 picks.

 Ranbir Kapoor

Title #20
This mama’s boy, serial Casanova and hottest rock star can boast of an amazing body. Though he does not have the conventional bulky and muscular
body, he has cashed in on the latest trend of having a lean body. In addition, he gave ample airtime to it in his debut movie 'Saanwariya'. Well, at least the female fans were not complaining.

Akshay Kumar

Title #21
An actor who started his career with action movies and who is a certified martial arts trainer has to have a body worth boasting. One to take fitness
seriously, he performs most of his stunts himself and people who are close to him swear by his fitness level. Most of the Bollywood celebs when asked who is the fittest among all the actors, invariably take his name and rightly so.

Salman Khan

Title #22
He is the poster boy when it comes togreat bodies, ones worth flaunting. Salman was the one who started the trend of having good bodies
in Bollywood. Prior to that most of the actors were content having potbellies. Then he came in, took off his shirt, and suddenly all the leading actors felt threatened. He became famous for taking his shirts off in films. Moreover, he doesn't just maintain his body but has also been instrumental in many actors achieving great bodies under his guidance, with Arjun Kapoor being the latest.

John Abraham

Title #23
Our' desi boy' has been given the title of the sexiest man a number of times. And boy do we agree! He was a successful model and when he entered the film
industry, all the girls swooned over his perfect body. He has been an eye candy in many of his movies with 'Dostana' taking the cake. His butt scene elicited no ifs and but (t) s from audiences as they were glued to his perfectly toned body. If only more men like him existed in real life!

Hritik Roshan

Title #23
If there is a Greek God in Bollywood, it has to be this actor. He has the looks, the moves and a stupendous body to compliment all of it. When audiences
saw him topless in 'Dhoom', 'Jodha Akbar', 'ZNMD', etc., all they could say was...nothing! And when you see the body he has carved for his upcoming flick 'Krissh 3', you will not be able to help but think that a superhero never looked sexier. When you have a body like these actors, who needs anything else to succeed; especially in the vain society that Bollywood is?

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