A Beginner's Guide: Making yourself Accessible to Headhunters

Executive search firms or headhunters are the factors solely responsible for finding talent  required for top jobs, as they are rarely advertised.
This article lays bare the criterion that can make them more accessible.
Tangible CV
Top companies are rarely interested in a CV that is overtly descriptive. Hence, a CV should be brief and highlight actual facts and figures.
Apt timing: The best way of getting a job -change is to move at the height of success,
will insure more calls from headhunters.            
Taking Care of Yourself
it is never appropriate to move into a top job the help of a current employer, as it always advisable to trust no one but your own self.  
Optimum Presence
The more visible you are in terms of the job hunt ,the higher ranked your profile.  Hence, it is extremely important to be in the eye of the headhunter.
Positive Conclusion
The final aspect after the call of the headhunter would be to thoroughly research and confirm the positions for which you are applying. It is the final and the most important part of landing the prestigious job and hence, should be given maximum attention. 

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