How to Kiss Passionately

It really doesn’t matter if you are real player or just getting started in the dating playground, the bottom-line remains that you need to be a more-than-good kisser to present yourself as lovable and passionate. If you have been struggling to kiss passionately, you can consider the following set of tips.

Getting Prepared to Kiss Passionately

To get started, you need to ensure that there are no distractions. Being dedicated to the kissing part and having your entire attention on her is most critical. Get rid of all the apprehensions in your mind and leave your worries behind for some other day. Be confident of yourself.

Getting Expressive With Your Lips

It really doesn’t matter whether you bump your nose into hers or your teeth collide, making that skirmish sound. These things really don’t matter as long as you are ready to get creative with your lips. For starters, a passionate kiss can be seldom a light one. You need to press your lips against her.

Getting Creative With Your Lips & Tongue

Okay, so the French take the honors for inventing a rather passionate way of kissing. However, French Kissing isn't the only type of kiss that expresses passion. Simply forget about every rule in the book of kissing you have ever read or heard about. Keep it simple and try-out as many variations you can try.

Getting Aggressive Without Being Fast

Perhaps, one the most overlooked aspects of kissing passionately is the pace of kissing. Yes, you are bound to be excited as you feel her flesh in your mouth and her breath tantalizes your senses. Yes, there are no rules when you are trying to be spontaneous and expressive. However, it is recommended not to be too quick about it.

When Trying to Kiss Passionately Use Your Body Too

This passionate kissing tip is applicable to all those who are under the impression that your mouth needs to do all the work when kissing. The reality is that the manner in which your embrace her with your hands, preferably a tight hug, makes a major difference.

Explore Beyond the Lips

The opinions differ a bit on this aspect, but still most kissing experts would suggest not limiting yourself to her mouth.

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