Types of Softwares You Must Have


Living in a world where newadvances in technologyshape our lives every day,
it is imperative to know what software to install and use to make life smoother and stay in tune. Here is a look:

1. Web Browsers

While a Windows PC comes loaded with Internet Explorer as its default settings, downloading other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome enable you to choose from a variety of features you may find extremely convenient. You can also download and install other browsers such as Safari and Opera to further enhance your experience of the web.

2. Anti Virus

Safe browsing on the Internet is enabled by the installation of good anti-virus software. While AVG, Avira and a few others provide free versions, it is more useful to purchase a plan that ensures complete safety of your computer or laptop. QuickHeal, McAFee, Avast!, Panda Cloud and Norton are some of the other options you could try, based on your usage and browsing experience.

3. Disc Maintenance and Cleanup Software

Using the Internet and browsing the web may be fun pastimes or daily work routines, but it is also important to keep your system’s health in check. Install a good program to help you clean your system regularly and ensure the disc is free of any errors or potential threats.

4. PDF Converter

Whatever kind of work you do, or use the PC for, you most certainly need a PDF reader and converter sometime or the other. You can easily convert MS Word files, MS Excel Spreadsheets, MS PowerPoint presentations and many other files to PDF format. It gives a more professional appeal and gives a final touch to what you send across.

5. Media Player

While a Windows PC comes pre-equipped with a Windows Media Player, installing a Video Media Player such as VLC can be quite useful, especially if you are a movie buff. Even the quality of mp3 files is better rendered on VLC, as compared to other software.

6. CD/DVD Burner

Fond of listening to music? Avid movie buff? Or simply need to write many CDs or DVDs for work-related files? Then, install a CD/DVD burner that will ensure efficiency and convenience.

7. Designing Software

If you have a creative streak or have any slight need to edit images, create graphics and design anything, install Adobe Photoshop in your system. Other designing software you could use are CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. Depending on the requirement, the software must be chosen.
A simple list of basic software that any PC must have is given above. For those looking for more specific software, consult someone who can guide you better. Remember to invest in the right software rather than use free versions that may cause more damage than good.

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