How to Go On a Date With Yourself

There are reasons why you should go on a date with yourself. It can be owed to your singularity or a rehearsal for a date in the pipeline. Either way, the process doesn’t differ. This is how you go about it:

Understand Yourself


What do you like? What do you despise? Most of all, do you consider yourself date-worthy? Try to gauge what you think about yourself, regarding how you look, your sense of humour and every trait a girl would look for in you.

Get All Dressed Up


Once you have decided that you indeed consider yourself spending a few hours with, it’s time you groom yourself a little. Shower, shave, put on some cologne and wear the nicest pair of shirt and trousers that you have. You have to feel food, feel fresh.

Hit the Road


Decide where you are headed to. You can go and watch a movie, or go for a long drive. You are dating yourself, so you need to acknowledge your feelings. If you want to go to a place with expansive space and lots of fresh air, don’t buy yourself a ticket for the latest show. Whatever you decide to do, throw laziness out of the window.

Give Yourself a Gift


While you are driving somewhere far, stop and surprise yourself. Take out a gift and present it to yourself. Make sure it is something you had been eyeing for a while. It can also be something that’s a departure from more contrived things available in the market. One advantage of gifting something to yourself is that you don’t have to play it safe all the time.

Explore Yourself


Sure, you did a bit of that before you decided you want to date yourself. But that wasn’t exploring. While you are spending some quality time with yourself, make sure you know yourself a lot more, what you are the core. Know your goals, your dreams and just map it all out.

Kiss Goodnight


Not literally! Whilst there are ways to practice kissing alone, leave that for some other day. As of now, just pamper yourself a little before you go to bed. A cup of tea would work well, or some wine. Some music in the background would be a great wrap up.
Going on a date with yourself might sound a little eerie at first, but this no-so-tried way is the best way to tell yourself that you care - for yourself.

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