7 secrets women never tell you

It is no secret that women are good at keeping secrets. Sometimes these secrets are life changing and sometimes they are so ridiculously stupid that if they would be known they would be the cause of major embarrassment. No matter how ‘close’ you’ll are as a couple, there will be some secrets that your woman will never tell you. This does not reflect on your relationship or her love for you, but something’s are just not meant to be told. Whether she tells you or not, we are going to spill some of these secrets (generic ones) and let you in on the woman psyche just a tad bit more.

1. The number of crushes she has had

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Why you would be interested in knowing more about her crushes is something women cannot comprehend. But if you do ask her about her crushes, don’t expect the absolute truth.

2. Whether it’s PMS or simply, her bitchiness

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Women can switch on the ‘bitch’ mode as and when they like and switch it off as per convenience as well. Sometimes, there are people that truly piss them off.

3. What’s her annual shopping budget

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Women can never get enough of shopping. It will do you good to know that shopping for women is not a hobby; it is a full time job. And this job is one that women take more seriously than any other.

4. What she and her girlies do/talk about during Girls Night Out

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All questions pertaining to Girls' Night Out will be met with minimum responses and a quick change of subject. If you push further, you will get one steely look and that will be enough
for you to not prod further. Girls Night Out is her time to let go, have a good time and focus on herself. She will not share these precious ‘me’ momentswith you.

5. Who does she fantasize about when masturbating

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No woman will tell you when and how often she masturbates. If she somehow slips this information, she will for sure not tell you who she fantasizes about
while doing her thing. Her fantasy man could be anyone: Hugh Jackman, Ranbir Kapoor or the hot gym instructor. But she is not sharing this information with you.

6. The hottie in her office

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A girl has that one guy in her office that she secretly holds a soft corner for. She will steal glances at him, she will offer to bring him coffee, she will smile every
time he passes. This guy is no threat to you in anyway. He is just someone your girl crushes on. No big deal. No need to panic. And no need to want to know more about him.

7. Ladies room chatter

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Ladies room chatter is as secretive as men's locker room banter. While women puff and re-touch their makeup, while they tidy their dresses and adjust their bras, they discuss a hell lot of
things: right from the food, to that woman’s character, to that man’s annual income. And while you will always notice them giggle as they step out of the room, you will never get to know anymore. Such banter is, after all, a secret! The list does not end at number 7. There are many more secrets; each one more complex than the other. Till we share with you a few more secrets, these are sure to provide you enough fodder for one-to-many locker room discussions.

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