How to find the Perfect Girlfriend

All men are or have been on this quest at some point in their life; the quest to find that ONE perfect girlfriendWhile all men take this quest, only a few succeed. These men succeed not because they all are Greek Gods but because they are smart. You can be smart too and find your perfect girlfriend; this is how.

1. Be attractive

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Being attractive does not have to be innate; you can develop your 'attraction' skills too. Groom yourself and master your conversation skills.
Work on your confidence levels and learn how to approach a girl with ease and composure. Watch continuous re-runs of Hitch if you must, and learn from the love doctor!

2. Know what you are looking for

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The most important step to finding the perfect girlfriend is knowing what you are looking for. Have a very clear idea
in your head as to the kind of girl you want to date. Once you are clear, you will be able to select better. The clarity could be on subjects like educational background, her views on certain issues, her age etc.

3. Go to the right places

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Once you know what you are looking for, start to look in the right places. For example, if you want a girl who is religiously inclined then obviously you
won’t find one in a pub. So jot down the list of places where you are likely to find the girl of your choice. Let your close friends in on what you’re looking for and they might set you up with someone they think fits the bill.

4. Don’t be scared

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Once you think you have met someone who fits the profile, then go ahead and approach her. Backing out or feeling shy at the last moment will do you no
good. So be bold, sum up the courage and ask the lady out for a date. The key to finding someone apt for you is knowing what you want and not backing out when you think you have found that someone. Don’t let the quest get to you; keep searching. You never know when you will get lucky

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