Answers To 6 Questions Every Woman Asks a Man

There seems to be a compelling similarity among the kind of questions women usually ask men. At first, I was ignorant towards this fact. Slowly, a pattern emerged during conversations with my friends that often touched upon topics related to our love lives or the lack it. Over a period, it became absolutely clear that there are some classic male traits or habitual things guys do that evoke a certain degree of curiosity among women. This article is an attempt to answer six of the most common questions that arise out of this typically feminine inquisitiveness:

1. Why you keep getting angry in traffic?

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This question really doesn’t deserve an explanation. Just look at the number of fools on the road. Even a recent advertisement on TV gladly declares, “The streets are filled with idiots.” Further, don’t women realize that their
kind constitutes one of the worst types of drivers? Yes, it is no secret that most women are absolutely horrible behind the wheel. I have personally encountered those who turned LEFT after giving using the RIGHT indicator on their cars. Well not to get too much into the gender-based discrimination of drivers, what else is there to do besides getting pissed-off with people constantly trying to overtake, you are confronted with repeated traffic snarls and even the cattle roams around totally oblivious to our frustration?

2. Why aren't you Expressive/Vocal Enough?

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I believe that apart from the overtly Metrosexual species that hinges on being gay, most men are like me, i.e. we might take some time to share a demanding situation or talk about what
is occupying our mind. However, I still cannot fathom why is this such a big issue for women? Just because their hormones get them weepy and excessively animated, they shouldn’t infer that men are bound to behave the same way. It is about time women acknowledged their menstrually-fueled expressionism as a side-effect rather than being a pleasing personality trait.

3. Why is your mind always diverted towards sex?

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Here comes confession time and I hope all guys reading this would agree to my declaration—Men are God-tuned to be always disposed towards sex. It is something that we cannot help. Just
like the advantage of multiple orgasms and childbirth was God-gifted to women, Men were blessed (or cursed) with a pre-occupation with everything sexual. In a way, it works to their disadvantage too and this is why men are ready to do the most outrageous things for their women. Yes, love too is a motivation but I am not sure it as compelling as the lure of getting lucky in the bedroom. The point is that we don’t have a logical reason for this, so just accept it and move on!

4. What do you tell your friends about me?

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This is the typical, new-girlfriend question that I really don’t know how to handle. If you tell your girlfriend that you have shared a lot about her, including the naughty bits, she is bound
to fume. This is regarded as an invasion of her privacy. If you tell her that you are still waiting for the right moment to break news about your relationship status with her, it is intercepted as being ashamed of her. She is bound to accuse of you of not being sure about her. It is a like a paradox that will have you prosecuted irrespective of whatever path you choose.

5. How come you never compliment me for my hair?

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Unless, she has done something drastically different to her hair or at least gotten streaks or something clearly visible, are we even suppose to concentrate upon it? Just think about it—there is so much more to
compliment her about, so why waste it upon something that usually tends to remain the same. Subjects like shine, bounce, absence of split-ends and overall growth pattern is limited to being mentioned in TV ads or being discussed among women. Women need to realize that we really don’t bother about their hair that much. The same goes for their eyebrows and the color of their nail-paint. So, please stop expecting compliments for such things. Once the expectations are removed, the disappointments will automatically evaporate and this works wonderfully well for our peace of mind too!

6. Why are you obsessed with cleavage?

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Simply because it is right there, in front of our eyes, staring back at us, because it is beautiful, it has so many forms, it is obvious yet perplexing at times, it is so bloody beautifully created that even though we see it on most days, we want
more of it…the list goes on, so for the sanctity of this article, it is best that I curtail my enthusiasm here. Basically, men believe that cleavage (and more importantly, its constituents) was created with the sole intention of pleasing and torturing them at the same time. So, we are just following Nature’s plan.

Conclusion: For all the women out there—“Talk Less, Think Lesser & Question the Least.

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