Best Beer Cities In The World


Sight-seeing and local cuisine is what draws us to new and exciting places. But then, there are a few places that offer something ‘higher’ than the others.
Let’s have a look at few cities that serve the best beer in the world!

1. Munich, Germany

A list talking about beer is definitely incomplete without the honourable mention of Munich, Germany. Munich is home to Oktoberfest, a fest that caters to avid beer lovers all over the world. A 16-day affair held from late September to early October, the Oktoberfest is famously known for guzzling down more than seven million litres of beer every year and the number seems to be increasing every year! Clubbing the gallons of beer with delicious German food, Munich is definitely a party destination for all the beer fanatics.

2. Montreal, Canada

Montreal is situated in the Canadian province of Quebec and is home to the Mondial de la biére, the annual tasting festival that offers more than hundred of local Canadian and international brews. Serving ales, lagers, bocks and even cider and honey wines, Mondial de la biére is home to more than 80,000 beer guzzlers every year. Contests, schools, seminars, workshops and tonnes of events take place during this festival and there is something for everybody.

3. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Although Amsterdam is known for its red light district and marijuana blazing, it is also famous for its local breweries that have gone on to become some of the biggest names in the international market. Housing brands like Heineken, Amstel, Grolsch, etc. Amsterdam definitely makes a major impact on the beer scene in Europe. Being close to Belgium, a brewing hub in itself, Amsterdam ensures that you’ll have some lip-smacking beer flowing all through your stay in the city!

4. Dublin, Ireland

The Irish are known for their elephantine beer-guzzling capabilities, and that’s for a real good reason, for Dublin, Ireland is the place where all the Guinness flows from! The prospect of being present in the same place where the legendary Guinness beer is brewed is a delight in itself, especially with tours of the breweries and the free beer that follows soon after!

5. Denver, USA

Denver may very well be America’s answer to the German Oktoberfest. The city hosts the Great American Beer Festival every year in October. Catering to more than a hundred breweries all across America, The Great American Beer Festival is a heaven for every beer fanatic. Beer and a typical all-American barbecue is the flavour for this festival and the massive turnout is proof of its popularity.
Let us know which city are you going to pick as your next beer destination.

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