Top 5 Luxury SUVs in India

Luxury SUVs have always been a hit amongst the rich and the elite.
Not only do they offer acres of space and comfort, these machines make sense in India where road conditions are not something to be talked about. So here is a lowdown on some of the must-have luxury big boys.

Range Rover

Tata Motors-owned Range Rover is a grand yet subtle mix of looks, style, presence and brand value. This car is literally the king of this segment. The cabin is very classy and elegant and has an equipment list which never ends. Along with providing comfort and class on road, this car is great for off-roading too.


BMW X5 is for those who are looking for luxury as well as enjoyable driving experience in one single package. This car is understated and won't grab attention. But one thing that will surely please you is the excellent build quality and fit and finish. This beamerhas excellent engines and drivetrains which will surely heighten your experience.

Audi Q7

The combination of looks, performance and brand value make the Q7 the winner it is. This car has exemplary interiors with fantastic ergonomics and build quality. Everything in this car is automatic. Whether it's the air suspension, four zone climate-control or the Bang & Olufsen sound system: all translate into a very comfortable journey. This German baby is definitely worth the money.

Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne is luxury sports car to a great degree. This car is beautifully crafted and looks stylish from any angle. It is a comfortable place to be in and everything is made from high quality materials specially the buttery soft leather. Cayenne can be customized to personal tastes in infinite combinations. When you buy this you also get a piece of the iconic Porsche 911.

Mercedes GL Class

Mercedes GL Class is an SUV which transports your family in extreme comfort. Interiors are massive and there's ample space for seven adults. Even the third row seats are quite decent. It almost has every equipment as standard and what will keep you occupied is the sheer amount of technology this car has.

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