Gadgets to Watch Out For in 2013


2012 saw an avalanche of some of the most ground-breaking and technologically advanced gadgetry for common folks.
And 2013 promises nothing different! Here are some of the gadgets that are bound to have us emptying our bank accounts in a single sweep!

1. Blackberry 10

Blackberry’s only chance at revival, the Blackberry 10 will be their last hit at cementing their space in the ever-growing Android, iOS and the recent Windows-based phone market. RIM has been at the receiving end recently, with their subpar performance and low-grade hardware. The 10 resolves to change all that with a revamped operating system and two handsets to compliment it. The launch is on January 30, and let’s see ifBlackberry can still stay in the race on beat a retreat.

2. iPhone 5s

Apple hasn’t really been the same since the death of Steve Jobs. Their game-play has changed and so is their launch routine. Jobs had a knack of launching a device at the right moment assuring ample lot of breathing space for the previous gadget, and enough speculation to arouse the people. Not anymore. With the recent haphazard releases of the iPhone 5 and the iPad mini, we can surely expect the next-gen or an upgraded version of the iPhone 5 in Q3, 2013. The specifications are hazy, but we can expect a better screen, more options for connectivity, and a little bit more!

3. Sony Xperia Z/ Yuga

The first ever tablet-phone hybrid phablet, the Yuga is said to be equipped with a 5-inch screen and a wafer-thin structure. Bound to be powered with a powerful chip, it’ll be loaded with a quad-core Qualcomm APQ8064 chipset with Adreno 320 graphics. Too much mumbo-jumbo? Simply put, it’ll look fabulous! Sony hasn’t let us down with its new range of Xperia handsets, and we hope this one to deliver the same!

4. iPad Mini- Retina Display

Regardless of Steve Jobs’ apprehension towards making anything smaller than the iPad, chaps at Apple still conjured the iPad mini, but much to the people’s dismay, sans the highly-acclaimed retina display. So to make things right, we can expect Apple to roll out a new iPad Mini with a faster chip and a better display!

5. Oculus Rift

Virtual Reality has always been a sci-fi dream of tomorrow, and movies have been painting a beautiful picture about it. Not anymore, for the brilliant chaps at Oculus have come up with their revolutionary Flagship gadget called the Rift. A headset that comfortably settles around your skull, Rift is capable of presenting an all 3D environment around you, especially with a 110® field of view. Oh, and it tracks your head movement so you can look around in the virtual world. If that wasn’t enough, major players in the gaming industry are all set to design Rift-friendly games for the general audience. Smartly priced at $300, the Rift is all set to change the shape of the gaming industry and virtual reality.

6. Amazon Kindle Phone

Amazon’s kindle Fire HD took the world by storm with its affordable price-tag and brilliant features. And now, Amazon is all set to recreate that magic with an equally affordable smartphone. Still in its rumor phase, the phone will be equipped with an easy-to-use operating system for the layman, top-notch built quality and an equally impressive hardware!

7. Xbox 720

The successor to Microsoft’s Xbox 360, the 720 codenamed ‘Durango’ is all set to make the crowd hooting for another dosage of gaming galore. The hardware and capabilities are still a blur but we can expect nothing less than 3D gaming, Blu-ray support, live TV recording and hordes of other stuff! Even more so is the specification that is said to be more powerful than the current generation of consoles!

8. Samsung Galaxy S IV

There hasn’t been an official word from the manufacturers, but you can expect a new iPhone-eliminator from Samsung. The S-III that took the world by storm definitely needs an upgrade and the S-IV will do complete justice to its line. We can expect a 5-inch screen, more connectivity, more powerful camera, and tonnes of other goodies that Samsung is used to spoiling us with. Samsung, we’re waiting.

9. Google Project Glass

Google’s new boy-toy is the oh-so-awesome Google Project Glass. A project that clubs portability and information sourcing in a sci-fi manner, Project Glass is a pair of spectacle equipped with a screen that will relay weather reports, messages, map directions and anything and everything that you’d be keen on sourcing. It also features a small camera to take snaps and videos, hassle free! Project Glass is all set to make an entry in Q4, 2013 and blow us all away!

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